Season 1: Pixel Perfect with Erik Weikert

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Erik Weikert is currently an Associate Creative Director at Pilot Studio, a creative agency focuses on bringing engaging strategies across branding, product, and marketing for a spectrum of client industries. Besides, he co-founded Bay State Design Shop, a New England design community (300+ members) where designers can ask questions, share thoughts, and offer constructive critiques on anything design-related. Throughout our conversation, Erik shares how vital it is to learn about the clients and their industries in the design process, to take a step back to look at designs and to have an open-minded perspective to solve problems.


In the last couple of months, we have continued to interview guests and we had been saving it up until the time is right. It appears the time is right now to share this with the world! @brettddesign and @andydoandesigns213 are so excited!

In late 2019, the Pixel Perfect team had been planning on starting this podcast where we interviewed creatives about how they learn from their mistakes and how it helped with their success. But then the pandemic hit, and we created this Instagram account with the following podcast.

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