Season 1: Pixel Perfect with Joel Gendron

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Joel Gendron is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in the Greater Boston area. Growing up, Joel loved to draw and make stuff. One day he discovered a little secret that was people could get paid for their creative artworks. Long story short, he diligently pursued his dream to become a pro in graphic design a reality, and so he did. Joel got his graphic design degree from Suffolk University. He has also been an adjunct professor there for almost seven years. While teaching at Suffolk, he was also collaborating and working for several companies such as Pearson Education, Lumina Datamatics, and Curriculum Associates. Plus, he’s been running his collaborative design firm, Mad Pirates Design Company, LLC, with his friend. This design studio focuses on branding, identity, and collateral items. Joel is not only incredible in design but also thrilled on adventures with his family. His curiosity and family time that he shares create many happy, fun arts. From what we know about Joel, he is a friendly and humble human being. We are very excited to have Joel on the show to share his design journey with us.


In the last couple of months, we have continued to interview guests and we had been saving it up until the time is right. It appears the time is right now to share this with the world! We are so excited!

In late 2019, the Pixel Perfect team had been planning on starting this podcast where we interviewed creatives about how they learn from their mistakes and how it helped with their success. But then the pandemic hit, and we created this Instagram account with the following podcast.

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