Season 1: Pixel Perfect with Nicole D'Ambrosio

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Our guest for this week is Nicole D’Ambrosio. Nicole currently holds a Color Designer title at NOBULL, athletic footwear, apparel, and accessory brand. With the love for colors and being active, she has followed her dream to become a designer in the industrial and product design field, especially in the sports industry. Nicole has also acquired UX/UI design knowledge that gives her an insight into users' or clients’ minds when designing for them. Throughout our conversation, Nicole shares her passion for the product design industry, her communication skills that are crucial for designers to develop, and thoughts on disciplines and self-care to sustain a busy workweek.


In the last couple of months, we have continued to interview guests and we had been saving it up until the time is right. It appears the time is right now to share this with the world! @brettddesign and @andydoandesigns213 are so excited!

In late 2019, the Pixel Perfect team had been planning on starting this podcast where we interviewed creatives about how they learn from their mistakes and how it helped with their success. But then the pandemic hit, and we created this Instagram account with the following podcast.

About Pixel Perfect:

Pixel Perfect podcast focuses on how creatives gain an understanding of failures that have shaped and contributed to their success. During the course of our talk, we would dive deep into our guests’ design journey, have an insight into their process, and let them unfold their experience with the world. We believe that unique stories and meaningful messages are worth empowering and sharing; so that they will inspire creative minds to pursue their calling.

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