Season 1: Pixel Perfect with Cody Johnston

Updated: Feb 16

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Guest Description:

Every designer knows how challenging it is when first starting out their creative journey whether as a freelancer or a team member of an organization. Cody Johnston, a UX/UI designer, a branding expert, and a creative director, shares his experience and valuable lessons he has learned along the way in this guest episode. Our conversation ignites when Cody describes his design process that taps on many facets including solving problems for clients takes a collaborative effort by listening to them more rather than having the spotlight on designers themselves. Another point we love about this episode is that Cody believes design is an act of contribution to others' well-being. A very insightful and dazzling conversation that we hope you'll enjoy.


In the last couple of months, we have continued to interview guests and we had been saving it up until the time is right. It appears the time is right now to share this with the world! @brettddesign and @andydoandesigns213 are so excited!

In late 2019, the Pixel Perfect team had been planning on starting this podcast where we interviewed creatives about how they learn from their mistakes and how it helped with their success. But then the pandemic hit, and we created this Instagram account with the following podcast.

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