Season 2: Pixel Perfect with Amy Parker

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Amy Parker is the Executive Design Director at Woods Creative. Amy runs Woods’ Portland, Maine studio where she leads creative strategy, ideation, and digital design to make communication solutions, digital products, and visual languages for brands. Amy works in tandem with her research partner, Chris Bransfield, to conduct primary one-on-one interviews for design and Human Experience/User Experience research to gain insight, understand nuanced problems, ask questions, and uncover findings to identify form, content and functional needs. Amy’s current clients hire her for her design work, insights into how visual design elevates products for the people using them, and energetic approach towards solving challenging business problems with design.

A few notable clients Amy has worked with are; Pegasystems, Daily Table, EVERSANA, University of St. Gallen, 240 Strings, John Hancock, SPACE Gallery, Material Wise (Podcast), Bank of America, Noble Biomaterials, Cessna, New Balance, Puma, and Rising Bear Foods. Amy holds a BFA from the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk and serves on the board of directors with AIGA Boston.

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