Season 2: Pixel Perfect with Joanna Mahoney

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Joanna Mahoney, an in-house graphic designer at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. For the majority of 2020, she and her team worked hard to produce meaningful digital content for Museum members and visitors to engage with from the comfort of their homes. Mahoney is also known for her impressive talents in motion graphics, illustration, and hand-lettering art. Before completing her master's degree in Graphic Design at Suffolk University, Mahoney earned her undergraduate degree in Theater Studies at Emerson College, where she learned the ins and outs of designing the set and prop pieces for theater and film. Her creative journey is certainly full of twists and turns and is super exciting.

We had a fun conversation not only catching up as a mini Suffolk alumni reunion, but discussing her design journey of becoming a leader in inspiring women, particularly young female creatives to break the wage gap, be open to talking about their “imposter syndrome” struggles, and be brave to pursue their leadership positions with confidence and joy in the creative field. Throughout this talk, you will also discover her grassroots Valkyrie mentorship campaign, her 100dayproject on Instagram, her passion for theater, and her other beautiful artworks.

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